Welcome to Atlanta Legal – a free resource dedicated to helping people achieve justice for significant injuries they have incurred because of the actions or negligence of another person or a corporation. This site is designed especially for persons located in Atlanta and throughout Georgia. You will find resources here to help you if you have legitimate grievances against big businesses, insurance companies, or other individuals whose negligence may have caused you harm.

The Initial Consultation

As a potential client, you should contact one or more leading firms as soon as you begin thinking seriously about a personal injury lawsuit. Regardless of the nature of your problem, you should be fully informed of your rights, and statutes of limitation are often short. Search for firms that offer free consultations to potential clients. At the consultation meeting, you will most likely be asked about your case and given a chance to ask questions. Leading firms will explain your rights and assess the value of your case.

Finding a Firm

At Atlanta Legal, we believe in helping ease the litigation process for injured persons. As you search for attorneys, we promise to keep you informed, provide prompt, professional responses to questions and insulate you from the nuts and bolts of the litigation process. Atlanta personal injury attorneys also believe that providing the best possible representation means more than just taking the first opportunity to settle a case out of court. Search for those attorneys who are committed to fully preparing every case for trial, and who have records of winning substantial verdicts and settlements. Leading Atlanta firms have won millions of dollars for their clients, including several multimillion-dollar verdicts.

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